makes dreams come true for patients
who are living with metastatic cancer.

"My life was overwhelmed with illness… Now I am filled with dreams and plans."

  • Maggie Beer dishes up John’s Dream.

    Metastatic cancer patient John is a passionate foodie. His Dream was to share a fantastic meal with his loved ones prepared by his idol, Maggie Beer. Dreams2live4 was able to get in contact with Maggie and arrange for her to be his personal chef for a very special lunch. See more

  • This is for my darling.

    Sixty three year old metastatic cancer patient Doug is one of your true blue Aussies. But to his great regret he had never been to Uluru. “My wife and I had always thought we would get their when we retired. Unfortunately she passed away last year and now my time is running out.”… See more

  • A spell of smooth sailing was just what she needed.

    At 35, Georgie has so much to live for. Two amazing kids, a husband she is devoted to and her own creative business. She also has metastatic cancer. “It is a like a pressure cooker. I can’t work but we still have a mortgage, hospital costs and our world is crumbling apart.” See more

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Dreams2live4 is a visionary program that realises the dreams of patients living with metastatic cancer. Each year our small and dedicated team work with more than 100 patients facing life threatening disease.


Why dreams make a difference

Metastatic cancer drains families of joy, hope and finances. It can be a long and gruelling battle for patients. Often they and their partners cannot work and they can no longer do many things that other families take for granted. By offering patients a chance to dream, we reignite a sense of control and optimism in their lives. Conversations change and so does the outlook of patients and their families.

Who can receive a dream?

Patients  who are living with metastatic cancer are encouraged to contact Dreams2live4 about receiving a dream. Recently this has been extended to include patients who have 1st presentation of brain cancer and 2nd presentation of lymphoma and leukemia.

How Can I Help?

Dreams2live4 relies on its community of volunteers to fundraise, source services and make dreams come true. Sometimes its money, other times its knowing someone who can help a dream come true. And sometimes it’s having the personal skill that can help another human being in need. Sign up to help

Companies who help dreams come true

We need lots of help to make dreams come true. Go to our Partners Page and see who is helping us and how. Channel 9 Logo - edited iSelect Logo - Edited

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Events Read On

Dreams2live4 ‘Thank God’ it’s Friday Champagne Ladies Lunch Rosebay October 2015

Thank you to all our wonderful friends. Thank you for giving your time, love and support to help dreams come true for patients living with metastatic cancer.

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Dreams2live4 now a national charity in its own right

For the past six years Dreams2live4 has PROUDLY operated as a program of The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation. On September 1, 2015 Dreams2live4 became a standalone national Charity. Dreams2Live4 can now grant dreams to metastatic cancer patients across Australia.

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Thank God its Friday Champagne Lunch Rosebay

12 noon Friday 23rd October 2015 Club Rosebay, Vickery Ave, Rosebay join us for the ‘Thank God it’s Friday” Champagne Ladies Lunch supporting the work of Dreams2live4. Each year this very special lunch gets bigger and better. Grab a ticket or a table before they sell out and get ready for a day of joy, laughter, fun and lots of fantastic prizes. Click on the picture to book your tickets.

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