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What is Dreams2Live4?

We are here to encourage patients of The Prince of Wales Hospital who are living with metastatic cancer to realise their dreams. These patients have endured an extended fight with cancer whereby their disease has spread from the original site. We aim to give these people a reprieve from their illness by helping them to imagine and fulfill their dreams.

"Instead of thinking of my illness and latest test result I could allow myself to dream and plan for something good".
Dream Recipient

Dreams2Live4 was formed in 2007 as an executive fundraising committee of the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

Interest and exposure across Australia was generated by Andrew Denton’s documentary on Enough Rope entitled “Can I Write the Ending” which aired on Monday 12th September 2007, and featured the life of Annie Robinson and the fulfilment of her dream to “be the backing singer for a band in front of thousands of people”.

Sadly Annie passed away in April 2009. Annie's wish was to make a difference to people living with metastatic cancer. She always said that "once the patient starts thinking about their dreams, they stop thinking about their illness".

We at Dreams2Live4 are committed to continuing to fulfill Annie's vision.